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Serving as State Senator for the 31st district is an honor for me. I've had the opportunity to be involved with important issues that affect our state in a very real way. I've played a role in strengthening our economy, which has in turn helped us improve the delivery of basic goods and services for the citizens of our great state. But the most rewarding part of my service has been meeting and working with so many great individuals in the district and across Kansas.

In challenging and changing times, it is important for us to remain focused on the positive - on the things we do well. As your public servant, I work for you. We are working our way through a difficult budgeting time period; however, it is also an opportunity to make Kansas better and stronger. We must keep working together and I hope you'll join me in doing just that: working for Kansas!

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Lawmakers advance bill limiting length of freight trains in Iowa

Railroads argue U.S. law preempts states from regulating interstate commerce Tom Barton Jan. 26, 2023 3:58 pm DES MOINES — A state law advanced Thursday by a three-member panel of House lawmakers would limit the length of freight trains traveling through Iowa. The subcommittee voted unanimously to forward House Study Bill 88 to the full[…]

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