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Lawmakers advance bill limiting length of freight trains in Iowa

Railroads argue U.S. law preempts states from regulating interstate commerce Tom Barton Jan. 26, 2023 3:58 pm DES MOINES — A state law advanced Thursday by a three-member panel of House lawmakers would limit the length of freight trains traveling through Iowa. The subcommittee voted unanimously to forward House Study Bill 88 to the full[…]

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Pre-Session Update, December 2018

After three months of traveling across the state, the transportation task force finished their work a few weeks ago. Our charge was to access all our modes of transportation and make a report to the 2019 Legislature.  What did we learn? The needs are great and different all across the state. West of highway 81,[…]

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April 22, 2016

The regular session of the 2016 legislative season ended on March 24 this year, which was over a week early. It appears that the legislature will get its work done within the 90 day limit set by the Kansas Constitution. I appreciate legislative leadership encouraging committee chairs to get work done in a timely manner,[…]

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Preliminary Summary of Legislation – 2015 Kansas Legislature

The following Summary of Legislation Summaries are the most current publications and should provide you with more information about current legislative rulings and processes. 2015 Preliminary Summary of Legislation-Supplement 2015 Preliminary Summary of Legislation

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