May 21 Update

First of all, congratulations to all of the graduates of 2015. It’s a great time of year for families, teachers and students to get together and recognize our common commitment to education. Trying to ensure that every kid–urban and rural, wealthy and poor–has access to an equitable public education in Kansas is something that many[…]

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May 5 Update

The regular session of the 2015 Kansas legislature ended on April 2. Before adjourning, the Kansas Senate passed a budget that included a deficit of over $600 million over 2 years, based on the current year revenue shortfall and revenue forecast. I voted NO on this budget. The State of Kansas has been teetering on[…]

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Carolyn’s Comments

Legislative Update The following Summary of Legislation Summaries are the most current publications and should provide you with more information about current legislative rulings and processes. 2015 Preliminary Summary of Legislation-Supplement 2015 Preliminary Summary of Legislation