March 18 Update

Education Block Grant – H Sub for SB 7
After announcing and rushing through a new education formula a week ago Friday, the motion to concur on H Sub for SB 7 was up for a vote in the Senate Monday.  H Sub for SB 7 was announced at a press conference on Friday morning, March 6th, before a bill was ready. By Monday, it was up for a hearing in House appropriations after gutting the contents of H Sub for SB 7 and inserting language for an education block grant.
After passing the House on Friday, March 13th, the bill was quickly sent to the Senate so a motion to reconsider could not occur.
Because H Sub for SB 7 was a conference committee report, those of us in the Senate were not able to able to debate or amend any of the contents of the bill.  This is the second time this procedure this was used this year on monumental issues that impact our district and our state.

This bill passed 25-14 – I voted No.

Senate Vote on SB 7